How To Build Square Wood Columns Front Porch

May 13th
Square Wood Columns Front Porch
Square Wood Columns Front Porch

Wood Columns Front Porch – If you want to add columns to the front of your house you just need to know some things about wood, for example how to use a table saw or a jigsaw. Using material that already has the width of the column you want can save you a lot of time and energy. For example, if you use solid wood (it can be a 1 for 10) the only thing you have to worry about is the size of the blocks that will go inside the column and the length of it.

Instructions. Measure the distance that determines the length of the square wood columns front porch. Subtract 3 inches (7.5 cm) and cut four pieces of wood 1 by 10 inches (2.5 by 25 cm) from the length of the measurement obtained. Place the cut pieces in step 1 on a flat surface. Take a tip and make a mark every 16 inches (40 cm). Count the number of marks you drew. And cut the same number of square pieces of 8 ½ inches (21.6 cm) to use inside the column. Apply a line of glue to one edge of 8 ½ inch (21.6 cm) square plate obtained in Step 2. Place it against 1 by 10 of Step 1 and secure it with 8d nails. Repeat the process until you have all the pieces secured.

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Then apply a line of glue on the edges of the same side of the pieces, place another piece of wood from Step 1 and attach it to the pieces and to the other 1×10 table using 8d nails. Repeat this process on all four sides of the column until it is all together. Cut two pieces of wood from the 2 x 12. So that they are exactly 11 ¼ square inches (72.5 cm²). Take one and fix it to one end of the column using the 3-inch (7.5 cm) screws for drywall. Be careful not to split the square of the column when screwing it. Repeat Steps 1 to 5 for each wood columns front porch. Sink all the nail heads into the wood with the punch and fill the holes with putty. Once it is dry, smooth it with the electric sander and 100 grain paper.

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