Midcentury Modern Furniture Design

Jun 25th
The New Modern Furniture Design Book
The New Modern Furniture Design Book

Modern Furniture Design – The period between the end of World War II and early 1960 brought a period of optimism and prosperity to America. John F. Kennedy became president, a man flew into space, and it seemed like the time when things might happen. Gio Ponti and Carlo di Carli add sensuality to furniture not seen since the peak of Art Nouveau. The planned obsolescence looks like a good idea and disposable furniture is a favorite. Joe Colombo built a chair from tubes covered with polyurethane foam that could be separated and put in a backpack. Wendell Castle made a white plastic chair that looked like a sand castle with only depression in the middle to sit.

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But for most designers, the form follows the function and they extend to the stripped Modernist look. For the influence of simple Japanese structures, they added bold colors, stretch fabrics and formed plywood. The use of aluminum furniture design is very versatile. Just as leisure became a more important part of American culture, the designers began to make chairs designed to be bent. Informality ruled and stripes stretched and moved into organic form only provided by new materials. One of which is modern furniture design.

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Similarly, Scandinavian countries are much less affected by war so they can start production much faster than other European countries. Hans Wegner designed the No. Model chair. His JH 501 is so popular that it is simply called The Chair. House Beautiful says it’s the most beautiful chair in the world. It was a chair used for seating in a television debate between JFK and Richard Nixon. One of the more interesting aspects of Scandinavian furniture is the use of teak wood. Coming from the Pacific countries, great military exercises clean up the vast part of the forests of Thailand and the Philippines so that teak becomes abundant and cheap. Finn Juhl is an expert in shaping teak into free-form furniture. That’s the article about modern furniture design.

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